Instructional Coaching—The Impact Cycle

  • Instructional Coaching—The Impact Cycle - August 1-2
    August 1, 2016 - August 2, 2016
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Event_impactcoachingWhat is the purpose of this institute?

Across the country, many school districts are hiring instructional coaches or onsite professional developers to lead school reform efforts. Consequently, hundreds of educational professionals are finding themselves in high-stakes, critically important roles in their schools, with little or no professional development to prepare them for successfully performing their tasks.

The lack of professional learning for coaches places schools at risk. Decision makers in districts need to learn how to set up coaching programs so that they can save time and implement change efficiently. Districts also need to know what good coaching looks like so that they can create programs that really do improve the quality of students’ lives.

This institute on The Impact Cycle, is designed to provide a thorough overview of the coaching cycle that stands at the heart of the instructional coaching model developed at the Impact Research Lab and Kansas Coaching Project at the Center for Research on Learning.

What content is included in this institute?

Instructional Coaching—The Impact Cycle will provide an overview of the complexities of helping relationships such as coaching, an overview of the partnership principles that are at the heart of instructional coaching, and a detailed description of the instructional coaching cycle. The institute addresses the following questions:

  • What are the five simple truths of helping and how can instructional coaching be constructed to best take those simple truths into account?
  • What are the partnership principles and how should they shape what coaches do?
  • How do coaches enroll teachers in coaching?
  • What is the identify component of the impact cycle, and how should coaches partner with teachers to identify a clear picture of reality, a PEERS goal, and a teaching strategy to be used to hit the goal?
  • What is an instructional playbook and how can they be developed?
  • What is the learn component of the impact cycle and how should instructional coaches use checklists and modeling to help teachers learn and implement new practices?
  • What is the improve component of the impact cycle and how should instructional coaches partner with teachers to make adjustments until a goal is met?

How will this institute work?

This session will be facilitated through the use of Partnership Learning (www., so all professional learning is designed to be “hands-on” and practical and to encourage meaningful dialogue, reflection, and action planning.
Participants will:

  • learn numerous coaching skills that they can use right away in their professional practice.
  • discuss each strategy, principle, tool, or idea with other coaches to gain multiple perspectives on the learning that is shared.
  • hear about best practices that are being implemented by coaches across the country.
  • create an implementation plan to take back to their schools and districts.

Participants should leave each session with practical materials that they will be able to use right away, and everyone will have ample time to plan how to use the strategies, skills, tools, and other materials that they are most interested in using.

Who should attend this institute?

Instructional Coaching—The Impact Cycle will appeal to district decision makers, instructional coaches, site-based professional developers, and others interested in learning more about instructional coaching. The institute will address how to coach (methods that coaches can use to enable instructional improvements) not what to coach (instructional practices). This workshop is most appropriate for professional developers and other educational professionals who are interested in learning about how to accelerate professional learning in schools.

Cost of the institute

$499 for two days (does not include costs associated with meals, transportation, and lodging)

Materials Provided

All participants will receive a copy of Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction (2007) and The Instructional Coaching Workbook: What Coaches Do.


Jim Knight

About Instructional Coaching Group

The Instructional Coaching Group (ICG) was formed in 2007 by Jim Knight to provide professional learning on instructional coaching for educational organizations, both on-site and through Institutes and Conferences offered at their home base in Lawrence, Kansas. Jim Knight and his associates, who are professional learning consultants, facilitate professional development sessions, consult on topics related to leading instructional change, and provide coaching for instructional coaches.

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